Land clearing

Our land clearing services removes major obstacles for any kind of project. Understanding the unique Central Texas landscape helps us to go beyond just the obvious, allowing us to make sure the removal is complete and that your site is ready for any type of development.


Whether you are preparing your land to set a solid foundation to build your structure or turning the land into a garden, pasture, or farmland, excavation is a major role in this process. We have the equipment and licenses to get the job done!


With state-of-the-art equipment, our forestry mulching service is able to clear and mulch extensive areas at the same time. This provides an ecologically safe, budget-friendly, and effective method that benefits everyone.

Heavy Shredding

We go beyond basic vegetation clearing. Our team is equipped with the tools needed to tackle any larger elements that may need more industrial grade machinery. We operate with the tools you need to attack even the heaviest types of shredding needs.

Pad and Road Preparation

Tough natural elements are no match for Absolute. Count on our team of experts to remove, dispose and prepare for the next step of structural or road construction with our sophisticated equipment and a focused vision.


Our team works closely with electric and other utility companies to provide clearing and maintenance service, as well as with residential clients and builders that need access, visibility, and sustainable solutions to accommodate roads, services, and other amenities according to the area survey.


Removing old structures and other elements from your site is done strategically and safely with our expert demolition services. With advanced equipment and an organized workflow, we can effectively clear space for your project, and efficiently remove all associated debris.

Clearing for Fence Lines

Working closely with surveyors, property owners, builders, developers, and other shareholders, we can create an accurate path to create lot divisions, fences, and other barriers that add value, security and clearly define your commercial or residential property.

Haul-off Service

Not every project is the same. Absolute also provides Haul-off services to make sure you have just the right preparation for your land’s use.

Let’s get


If you’re ready to partner with a professional team that is committed to carefully listening to your needs and meeting your short and long-term goals, get in touch with us. Through our dedicated service, Absolute Land Service is your top choice in Central Texas land clearing and our huge body of work speaks for itself. Let’s get to work.